Accelerating Excellence with Unmatched wash chemistry

We're not just about chemicals; we're dedicated partners, crafting unparalleled car wash solutions to elevate customer experiences and foster enduring loyalty.

A man meticulously washing a Bentley car in a well-lit garage, ensuring every inch sparkles with cleanliness.
About Us

Why apf?

AP Formulators stands at the forefront as a comprehensive formulator and supplier of cutting-edge car wash chemicals tailored for both self-serve and automated operations. Beyond mere chemical provision, we excel as strategic partners, guiding our clients through meticulous product selection and seamless installation processes, ensuring impeccable performance that exceeds expectations.

Our unwavering commitment lies in crafting unforgettable consumer experiences, fostering enduring loyalty and guaranteeing repeated patronage for generations ahead.

Colorful race car speeding down the track.
Colorful race car speeding down the track.

Our mission is clear & constant. We take care of car wash chemistry, so our customers don’t have to.

Our Team

Introducing our team

John Rabenhorst
John Rabenhorst
General Manager
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts
Director of Operations
Michael Lamminen
Michael Lamminen
Director of Sales
Mark Clanton
Mark Clanton
Director of Sales
Jordan Yuska
Jordan Yuska
Director of Sales
The Pinnacle of Wash Performance
Impressive Scale

We service customers with 250+
washes, whether you have 1 or 250 locations… we’ve got you every step of the way.

Stellar Services

In-stock rates for the tens of millions
of cars washed last year was 99.7%+, without chemistry you can’t wash, so we ensure you’re never out.

COST Advantaged

We receive our raw materials in hours, not days… direct from the source, which means you get your chemistry fast at the best price in the market.

Made to order

We don’t believe in shipping old inventory which is why we blend & ship within 72 hours of receiving your order, ensuring you receive the freshest product possible.


What our clients say

"Mustang Elite Carwash has partnered with Apex Pro Formulators for a long time. For us, it’s simple... We get great service, FAST delivery and they offer innovative formulations that improve our customers’ experience. Blue Brilliance ECO is their latest innovation in Tire Shine, and it’s the best we have ever used."
Eric W.
Mustang Elite
"We at Palm’s Carwash in Austin, TX operate 5 washes and have worked with Apex Pro for more years than I can recall. The services provided are unmatched in our experience, and we have been washing cars in Austin for 20 years. Fast, Flexible and ready to solve problems, on-demand. The phone always gets answered and the solutions aren’t far behind."
Roland & Liz
Palm’s and Cheetah Car Wash (Austin, TX)
"AP Formulators Excel Ceramic Sealant delivers a stunning performance that our customers rave about. It’s another point why we work with AP Formulators. Amazing product and rapid, quality service!"
Colin Brown
Ocean Express Carwash
"Wash Solutions has been a very close partner with APF for more than 12 years. We wouldn’t consider moving away from them as a partner. Amazing people, fast delivery and flexible manufacturing for our ever-changing business. If you call…They always answer. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a family-first change in this wild carwash game."
Ed Davis
Wash Solutions (Dallas, TX)
"Auto Accessory Distributing has been doing business with the AP Formulators/NiTEO team for 10+ years. The product is great, the service is first-class….But, most of all, the PEOPLE are what make the relationship work."
Anthony Baker
Auto Accessory Distributing (Portland, OR / Seattle, WA)
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